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100% pure maple syrup!

We are the only supplier specializing solely in the sale and distribution of 100% pure food processing grade maple syrup in North America.


We pack in the format that’s right for you. (10 KG and more)


We source our supplies directly from Quebec’s strategic reserve, which allows us to guarantee you a constant and stable supply.


We have access to industrial grade regular and organic maple syrup.

Food processing

Our industrial grade syrup will be suitable for your food processing.

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Maple Syrup

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Industrial grade maple syrup

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Our free R&D support allows our customers to maximize the benefits associated with the use of maple syrup in their products.


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Our in-depth knowledge of the food processing sector makes us the partner of choice for food manufacturers and processors.

Our maple syrup allows manufacturers to innovate by bringing to market processed products with high added value.

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